• The vSwarm Idea

    Open Render Farm
    Make a super computer available for everybody

  • Share your power

    Install vSwarm client and join the vSwarm render farm.

  • Render your images

    Render your 3D animations in hours not days by using the vSwarm render farm.

Our aim: Building a community render farm

Join us and help us to make you more successful

Distribute your render jobs to other users and
help them render their images.

Help us improve vSwarm DONATE and get a link.

Supported applications: Blender, Luxrender
Tell us which application you need!

Register. Download. Share your CPU. 

Share your computer and use other computers for rendering.

Learn how the vSwarm render farm works

Render your 3D animations faster

Submit your file to the community. Let them help you and give back as much as you can!

Learn how to use vSwarm with Blender and LuxRender in our wiki.

vSwarm: a community based free render farm
Render your 3D animations and images